Landscape Design

Plant Whisperer: Sara Chairez

Sarah with Ferns in Greenhouse

A Bounty of Botanical Knowledge and Care

Sara is a force of nature, and she is often found talking to her friends in the flora kingdom. She loves plants and they love her back.  Her passion for plants is a superpower.  Sara’s 30+ years spent working at nurseries in Santa Cruz County has given her a depth of knowledge and expertise that provides great value to our clients. She possesses a special ability to choose the best plants for a landscape.

Sara Chairez has a nuanced understanding of the micro-climates in Santa Cruz County, and she also knows which plants work well together. This is because Chairez has learned over time what plants want and where they will do best in a landscape.

Designing a Landscape that Sings

Sara is expert at selecting the best specimen for a site, because of her experience. She can explain to clients why certain plants will make more sense. Many people want flowers that will bring hummingbirds and butterflies to their yard, and Chairez knows which of these attractor plants will work best in your specific environment. Sara is also highly skilled at design, and upon request she will produce a hand-drawn landscape plan. For some interested clients Sara will even take the homeowner plant shopping at the nursery to show them some of their best options.

Understanding the Evolution or our Landscapes

We are experiencing a regional warming trend, and water continues to be a scarce resource. As our climate changes, it is important to evolve with it. Chairez has a well developed understanding of the effects of drought on a landscape, and she draws upon this wealth of knowledge when designing a landscape.

If you want a landscape with the most interesting and attractive plants, our resident Plant Whisperer is happy to help. Contact us today to begin the process of designing your dream landscape.