Case Study

Eagle Ridge Renovations

This particular client approached us looking to make some major renovations throughout their one-acre property.  Our team was happy to work with the client to come up with a plan that preserved some of their original landscape and materials while also facilitating improvements to achieve their overall goals.  

One of the best examples of this is the tiered walls our team built by repurposing smaller tier Carmel stones and blending with new stones. New walls were constructed to help extend the yard. More than 24 tons of Carmel stones were used in total. In fact, more than 200 tons of materials ( Carmel stone, geo wall blocks, Sonoma fieldstone, California Gold, excavated soil and brick, new soil, mulch, base rock, drain rock, and decomposed granite) were moved by hand.


One of the major elements of the design was figuring out the best way to aesthetically blend the old and the new, transitioning from uncultivated wild elements of nature to more manicured, structured areas. For instance, the owners were looking for a firm, yet discrete walking path that blended in with its surroundings. We rounded out the path with two custom gates, completely built from scratch. The handmade wrought iron hardware gave the gates an antique look and feel as if they’d always been there.

New irrigation systems were implemented to connect with systems already present in the water tower.

And what project is complete without new garden plantings? We were able to leverage the existing plants with complementary varietals including bookending existing Wisteria with Cooke’s Purple, supplementing the rhododendron and ferns, planting succulents within the Carmel stone wall and installing a new rose garden with roses from Rose Story Farms in Santa Barabara.