With all the beautiful outdoor locations in the county, and all the microclimates contained within, we provide the highest level of knowledge and competence for landscape installation and maintenance in the place we know best. With decades of experience, we have learned what grows well here and we have relationships with the quarries and nurseries that provide the elements we use to build out your dreams.

Each location is different. Figuring out how to optimize your watering schedule is one of our biggest priorities. Through a detailed survey of your property, we design a system that efficiently delivers water to your plants as needed. We adhere to a school of thought that advocates deep watering with less frequency.

Our knowledge of microclimates gives us the ability to choose which plants will thrive in the specific conditions of your outdoor space. We have a range of favorite species that do well given the changing variables of Santa Cruz weather and landscape conditions. Part of our plant selection involves attracting pollinators like hummingbirds and honey bees, to bring your yard to life.