Landscape Design

Materials and Strategy in Landscape Design

Phil at Central Home Supply

The Right Materials

Good landscape design artfully balances the form and function of materials with a consideration for aesthetics and cost. We strive to maximize the enjoyment of your landscape. One of the most important considerations is choosing the right materials that align with your taste and budget. From natural stone flowing with the land to modern pavers and straighter lines, we want to help you create an outdoor living space that reflects your style. With our extensive experience, we will help you find the right stuff for your ideal outdoor setting.
Reed and Phil at Central Home Supply

Your Dream Yard

Choosing the right materials is key when creating your dream yard. There is a range of potential material solutions we can choose from at our local wholesaler, Central Home Supply. Our team brings a deep knowledge of materials to help you make your yard an extension of your home. Phil Dundas and The Landscape Company team find creative and beautiful ways to make your outdoor space more useful, attractive, and fun.

Reed's Rocks at Central Home Supply

Maintenance and Management

When we choose materials for your project, we are also considering the long-term maintenance and management of your yard. Both the form and the function matter. We use water wise plants, rock garden features, and other ways to conserve valuable resources like water and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. High function, low maintenance makes for a good management goal.

Phil and Reed at Central Home Supply with pavers

The Landscape Company takes pride in expanding your home outside. We strive to turn your dreams into both a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Contact Phil today to find out how The Landscape Company can help turn your yard into a fun and functional sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

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