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Well Built Fencing

The right fencing on your property can make a real statement! Ideally, you want a fence that both serves its function and complements your style. Here’s a collection of fences in a variety of styles to get you started.

Go Against the Grain

Horizontal Stained Fences

Most yard fences are constructed of vertical boards, but horizontal planks are an interesting alternative. Give your horizontal fence a more modern look by varying the spaces between the planks or varying the width of planks. We guarantee visually pleasing results.

Complementing Elements

Wood and Corrugated Metal Fences

Corrugated metal may feel like a strange choice for a landscaping fence, but we’ve seen some beautiful fences combining corrugated metal and wood. Typically, the corrugated metal is of high quality and often covered with a protective coating that makes it look more luxurious. The wood panels are rich and dark to help complement the metal.

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