Safety In Mind


The Santa Cruz County community has learned all too well how important firescaping our homes is. Let us help you protect your property against the threat of wildfire.

The Importance of Firescaping

One recent development in our business is the implementation of Firescaping. With the devastating fires from the Summer of 2020, we all learned how important it is to protect your property against the threat of wildfire. While there is no guarantee when it comes to fire, there are a lot of things we can do to mitigate the risk.  

Strategic Planting

Prevention is Key

Firescaping is home hardening that focuses on reducing fuel loads to help a home survive a low-intensity wildfire. There are three strategies we concentrate on:

  1. Maintenance of vegetation which is continually growing and renewing itself
  2. Management of combustible materials like leaf litter, woodpiles, lawn furniture etc.
  3. Modifying the design and layout to incorporate fire-resistant construction materials and plants
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