Continued Care

Landscape Maintenance

We take pride in offering highly competent and dependable maintenance programs. We collaborate with businesses and homeowners throughout Santa Cruz County to preserve the enjoyment of their space.

Knowledge is Power

Creating a Personalized Experience

We prioritize communication to achieve a deep understanding of your space and expectations. All gardening and maintenance services are custom-designed to reflect a customer’s tastes and lifestyle. Known for our reliability, our maintenance team is top-notch when it comes to keeping your space in its best condition.

A Fit for Every Budget

Based on the Pillars Pruning, Irrigation and Fertilization

We provide different levels of service according to your needs and budget.

Basic Maintenance: we provide reliable and regular service to handle the basics of keeping your space in good condition.

Enhanced Maintenance: includes monthly irrigation checks, additional quarterly cleanups, plant replacement protocol, and seasonal updates of annual color.

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Outdoor spaces truly sing when designed with care for the ones enjoying them. Contact us today and help us learn how we can make your outdoor area as beautiful as what’s inside. Contact Us