Orchard of orange trees

Santa Cruz County Orchard Building & Design

Want to wake up in the morning, stroll into your orchard and pick blueberries to have with your breakfast? If you have a large outdoor space, but it’s feeling a bit empty, we can liven up your acreage with an enchanting orchard, bursting with the flavors and fragrances of fresh fruits to enjoy right at your doorstep.

Our team will take care of everything, including designing, planning, planting, protective fencing, irrigating, and maintaining the property to ensure that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the bounty produced by your new orchard.

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This is a company that strives on professionalism, attention to detail, and connecting with their customers. Phil takes pride in giving his customers the small mom-and-pop business feel, but has the team and business knowledge to support a large business operation. I love the fact that the business owner works directly with his clients. He provides custom packages for each of his clients if needed. His team is really friendly, trustworthy, and always arrives on time!
– Sarah Murphy

Fruitful And Functional

Each orchard we craft is taken from design to reality with care and attention. We create spaces that optimize and enrich your land, allowing your trees to flourish magnificently so you can delight in the succulence of peaches and cherries or savor the crispness of a variety of apples.

The types of plants and trees we can plant and help you grow are vast! Here is a short list of some of our client’s favorites, with many other options to choose from:

  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Berries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Figs
  • Kiwi
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Nectarines
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Pomegranates

If you have an existing orchard, or you would like to ensure that your new orchard is always cared for, we offer orchard maintenance services.

Smaller spaces work well too! If you’re looking to add beautiful, fruit-bearing trees, and only have the space for two or three trees, our team can make this work for you.

Start your new orchard journey off right with a team of experienced professionals who care about creating the property of your dreams.

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Baby fruit tree planted with two wooden stakes and fencing for support and protection from animals.

Santa Cruz Orchard Building: From Consultation to Installation

Designing the perfect orchard is as much about understanding your desires as it is about planting trees. At The Landscape Company, we’ve perfected a structured approach that captures the essence of your vision and the spirit of California’s bountiful landscapes. Explore our process, step by step:

  1. On-Site Consultation + Site Assessment:

    We start with an on-site consultation to get a firsthand look at your property. Our experts will assess soil quality, sunlight exposure, topography, and other essential factors to determine the best approach for your orchard establishment.

  2. Discovering Your Vision:

    You know your property and your preferences best. Share your dream orchard vision with us, whether it’s a preference for stone fruit, citrus, apples, nuts, a mix of all types.. Alternatively, if you’re unsure, you can rely on our team’s extensive experience to help craft a vision. We provide expert suggestions tailored to your property’s specific conditions.

  3. Planning & Approval:

    Based on our assessment and your desires, we will craft a comprehensive orchard plan. This plan will detail the types of trees, their placements, and other critical elements. You’ll have the opportunity to review, suggest changes, and approve the final plan to ensure it aligns with your vision.

  4. Design Drawing (Upon Request):

    If you’d like a visual representation of your planned orchard, we’re happy to provide a detailed design drawing. This will assist you in visualizing your future orchard and understanding tree placements, walking paths, and other elements in detail.

  5. Installation:

    Once your plan is in place, our team will dive into action. We will begin with preparing the land, followed by planting, irrigation, and fencing installation to prevent your trees from being eaten by deer or other wildlife.

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Environmental and Health Benefits

A personal orchard brings with it a host of advantages. Each design we create not only nurtures wildlife but also serves as a natural air conditioner and fortifies the soil. As you cultivate eco-friendly and organic produce, you become an active participant in converting greenhouse gasses into oxygen, rejuvenating the soil’s nutrients, and minimizing waste. But the benefits extend beyond the environment. Tending to your orchard becomes a source of physical exercise and a way to enrich your diet with fresh, home-grown produce. Furthermore, it’s a sanctuary for mental relaxation and well-being, offering a therapeutic escape into nature that reduces stress and enhances your overall health.

Our Reviews

Scott Pierce
Scott Pierce
November 16, 2023
Phil, Laura, and the team at The Landscape Company are amazing! We have been working with them on landscaping a large hill in our backyard. They recommended prepping it for winter rains by installing a waddle system and laying down erosion control netting and straw. They noticed a storm system was arriving early so they prioritized the work and got everything installed before the rain arrived. Can't thank them enough!
Rosemary Sarka
Rosemary Sarka
October 4, 2023
I had a leak in an old irrigation system and a plumber told me they would need to dig up my yard and walkways. I was panicked and had no idea where to go for a solution. I cold-called 3 different companies and The Landscape Company was the only one that called me back on a timely basis. They came out early the next morning, and, despite my old system being a unicorn, fixed the leak promptly and gave me an idea of how my system could work. I continue to be so grateful for their prompt, professional, creative help.
Andres Flores
Andres Flores
May 9, 2023
Paul, Efrain and Thomas were great partners for a new homeowner! They helped us understand what we needed and were very transparent about process, materials and costs associated. We had them come in for a full day to get everything back into shape and I couldn't be happy with how everything turned out. Looking forward to having them come by on a bi-weekly basis to keep things looking manicured and (more importantly) healthy.
Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy
July 27, 2020
This is a company that strives on professionalism, attention to detail, and connecting to their customers. Phil takes pride in giving his customers the small mom and pop business feel , but has the team and business knowledge to support a large business operation. I love the fact that the business owner works directly with his clients. He provides custom packages for each of his clients if needed. His team is really friendly, trustworthy, and always arrives on time! Phil has a kind heart. He is a really great guy who cares about his customers. I honestly do not like being one in a million of customers in the corporate world. You feel like you are lost in the shuffle of things. I never felt this way when working with this company. Not only did I receive outstanding customer service, I got direct calls from the owner to check on how my services were going. now if that's not customer service I don't know what else is! I highly recommend The Landscape Company for your landscaping needs!
CRAIG Minshull
CRAIG Minshull
November 2, 2019
Professional, friendly and skilled service. Joinery work was excellent and all snags that were brought to their attention were fixed straight away with no issues. Definitely recommend.
Kristen Faris
Kristen Faris
December 4, 2018
Phil and his team did an amazing job on my front yard remodel. His team was a pleasure to work with, very tidy and friendly. They executed perfectly on our vision! I would highly recommend the Landscape Company.
ian jonson
ian jonson
June 3, 2018
The Landscape Company came to our rescue! Phil and the crew found a way to build an enormous gate to our backyard. TLC had clear communication through out the entire project, very professional people. Everyone was on time, cheerful, and cared just as much ( or more ) for our project. These people are into doing the job right, no shortcuts on quality or craftsmanship. What more can we say? If you have a project that you want done right, call The Landscape Company. Thank You All,
Anita Connor
Anita Connor
December 14, 2017
With great enthusiasm I applaud the work product created by The Landscape Company, thanks to its owner, Phil Dundas, and his competent crew. My Santa Cruz Gardens front yard was transformed from 1,200 square feet of lifeless turf to a spectacular display of drought resistant plants, providing a variety of texture and color and accented with three new trees. The backyard was renovated with drought tolerant red fescue and perimeter plants as well as mulch. The experienced crew pruned existing fruit trees, created a flagstone pathway, restored a cracked sidewalk, installed a drip irrigation system, reinforced a retaining wall, and corrected an eroded sided yard with a French drain and river rock. I recommend The Landscape Company because of the owner’s prompt response, accurate estimates, flexibility with plant selection and budget, sense of aesthetics, knowledge, practical considerations, and relationship with the landscape community. Anita
Suki Woodward
Suki Woodward
June 14, 2017
The Landscape Company provides all my properties with outstanding A+ service. Professional and quality, it's what I've come to expect. Thanks Phil for raising the bar. I would recommend your crews for any landscape project, big or small.

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Small sections of metal orchard fencing with baby fruit trees inside.

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