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Plant Wall in Landscape Design Majesty

Example of Plant Wall in Landscape Design

What is a Plant Wall in Landscape Design?

A Plant Wall adds the joy of lush foliage and flowers to your yard. Even if you don’t have a huge space, you can add a Plant Wall as a design feature. This creates a beautiful focal point in a landscape. A Plant Wall becomes a living and breathing visual tapestry of grandeur.

How does a Plant Wall work?

We construct a Plant Wall by building a framework with many little planters on a vertical surface. When we design your Plant Wall, we give each planter its own irrigation, and the care for the plants is largely automated. Your Plant Wall is customizable, and we can tailor it to your space, your desire, and your budget.

Plant Wall

How do I choose the plants?

 When you contact us to learn more about building your own plant wall, we will visit your space. We will survey the yard to see how the sun tracks and which plants will work best in your microclimate. Certainly, you can be very involved in the plant selection, or you can let our experts decide what is going to look best to make your plant wall shine. We tailor the Plant Wall and the process of making it to your needs and desires.

As designers, we enjoy working with clients to make gorgeous displays. The foliage and flowers you add with a Plant Wall in Landscape Design makes a stunning attraction. You will create variation and vibrancy to your yard by transforming a wall or fence into a Plant Wall. With the right selection of plants, you will enjoy their life cycle as they change throughout the year.

Sample of Plant Wall