Landscape Design

Retaining Wall Beauty

Holding the Hillside

One common desire clients often express is to make a part of their yard more functional by adding a retaining wall. This feature helps to create a level space for planting or installing other features. It is a useful design element for many landscapes.

Micro Ecosystems and Color

Two things that add to your landscape when you install a retaining wall are little spaces for animals, plants, and lichens to grow. You also have the option to add some color to the design. These can elevate your landscape in addition to the functionality of the wall.

Anti-erosion and Pro-drainage

Two other benefits of adding retaining walls to your landscape include enhancing your ability to control erosion and making your drainage system function better. Gravity will exert pressure on your landscape and with heavy rainfall it can even cause slides. A well designed retaining wall can mitigate both impacts.